Leaking Detection and Repair:

Leaks in water mains and pipelines create a characteristic noise which can be identified by skilled Leakage Grand Street Plumbing and Heating Technicians.
Technicians often describe the noise of a water leak as a “hiss” or “whoosh” which is created as a result of pressurized water escaping for the water pipe at the leakage location. The escaping water creates vibrations along the pipeline and water column which can be detected sometimes away from the leakage location.
Sensitive electronic listening equipment is used to listen for water leaks either sounding directly on the water pipe or using a ground microphone device to listen on the ground covering the water main. Leak detection is a very successful technique. Often it is used in conjunction with leak correlation techniques such as leak correlation to maximize efficiency. We can locate underground water leaks without damaging your property. Using state of the art leak Detection equipment, we can locate a leak and provide fast and effective solutions.