Faucets and Fixtures:

Most homeowners can repair a leaky faucet on their own. The basic tools necessary for repairing a leaky faucet include a screwdriver, a small common screwdriver, common pliers, needle nose pliers and a wrench. The first fixation you want to do in repairing a leaky two handle faucet is to turn off the water supply lines at the valves positioned under the sink. Make sure you turn off both supply lines.
Note that if you have a two handle faucet and want to isolate which faucet handle is causing the leak, turn off one supply line and make sure if the faucet leak stops. If it does not stop leaking turn off the other supply line and see if the faucet leak stops. Knowing which faucet handle leaks will save you some work. Next, turn the hot and cold faucet handles to the ON position to make sure that the supply lines are indeed off.